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Introducing the Support Team

Posted by Audrey Hahn on

Introducing the Support Team

Meet the people who make your Karoo experience a great one from the moment you put it in your shopping cart.


Hammerhead’s customer support team thrives on our community’s enthusiasm and love of Karoo — and they’re in luck, because that community is vibrant and always growing. The support team is often the first touchpoint for Karoo users as they begin to explore the device and start transforming the way they ride.

At Hammerhead, support is personal, delivered by people who love the product and helping others get the most out of it. They’re invested in the development of the device and exploring all the different ways our users enjoy Karoo.

We’re first and foremost a software company, and we need your input in order to create the best software available. We love to hear when you’re delighted with a new feature or interested in seeing us launch something different. We scour forums, listen to your calls, and review every ticket you send with complete attention.

When you buy a Karoo, you’re not just making a purchase — you’re joining a community. We pride ourselves on our accessibility for, and commitment to, those who ride with Karoo. Through emails, calls, social media comments, and our Advanced Testing Group, we’re constantly engaged with our customers, and always on the lookout for ways to improve your experience.

Please reach out to our team any time with your comments, questions, concerns — whatever you’d like to say. Your feedback and support are valuable to us. We’re all a part of the Hammerhead team.


Meet the Team


Ali has been at Hammerhead for 1 year and 8 months. He has an eidetic memory with customer names, street names, and numbers. In his free time, he loves to ride the country roads in his hometown.



Andrew is a pro cyclist on UCI CTM Team Skyline. He is fluent in English and French, he’s been as far south as Antarctica, and he’s been working for Hammerhead for over two years.




Audrey is a junior at Princeton University who has been working with Hammerhead since she was a freshman. She loves cycling with her dad, and this September they completed their third century together in the New England Parkinson’s Ride.




Hari is the newest member of the support team, having joined just three months ago. He loves to cook and play cricket on the weekends.

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