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Limited-Edition ‘Solstice’ Shell Kit

Celebrate a shift in momentum this Solstice with a limited-edition, color-shifting shell for Karoo 2. See the colors change as light sweeps across the shell. Available in Summer and Winter variants while supplies last.

Due to high demand early orders may be delayed in shipping by up to 10 days.

£45 GBP
Winter Solstice

As the days draw shorter and nights longer, the Winter Solstice can be a time for introspection, transformation, and setting new goals for oneself. Ride with the Winter Solstice Shell as a reminder of new intentions set.

Winter Solstice image
Summer Solstice

Whether it's your longest ride of the year or a fun day out in the dirt with friends, the Summer Solstice is a day meant for riding. Ride through sunset and watch the golden Summer Solstice Shell shift colors with the sun moving across the sky.

Summer Solstice image
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