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Dashboard Software Build Version: 0.9.7

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  • Route Builder now uses a different service to choose the routes between points, which makes better routing decisions.
  • We have added a "Gravel Riding" option that sits between "Road Cycling" and "Mountain Biking" and offers a mix of roads and unpaved paths.
  • Route Builder now lets you insert a new waypoint into a route simply by clicking on the route line.
  • You can now have up to 100 waypoints per route (up from 80).
  • When you start editing an existing route, the original route line is shown as a light gray line behind the normal red line of your current route. This is useful when you have imported a route from a GPX file or from another planning service and want to make small changes to it while seeing the original route as a template.
  • When editing an existing route, the first time you move the start or end marker of the route, a new waypoint will be automatically be inserted where the marker used to be. This is useful when you are planning on joining a group ride or event but you want to add a route segment from your house or parking lot, to and from the main route.
  • When you import a route and edit it, we now insert 50 waypoints into the imported route line to edit it with, not just 20.

Fixes for:

  • Downloaded FIT files now have file names with the date/time of the activity in them, such as Karoo-Mar-02-2018-165649.fit
  • Fixed a bug with the elevation gain and other elevation values of longer routes coming out as zero.

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