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-DC Rainmaker

"The overall navigation and display experience is unlike anything else out there."


"It’s the computer of Chris Froome and Israel Start-Up Nation professional cycling team for a reason."

-The Independent

“The screen is simply the best on the market, with incredible resolution, and also smartphone-like touchscreen responsiveness.”


“Karoo 2 is a properly specified piece of hardware, in many ways superior to the iPhone X and probably faster than every other dedicated bike computer…”


“The Hammerhead Karoo 2 is the best GPS cycling computer you’re not using.”

-Cycling News

“The best screen and navigational metrics in the game.”


    Sponsored Athletes and Teams

    Israel Start-Up Nation
    Israel Start-Up Nation

    Top 10 on 9 stages of the
    2021 Tour de France

    Flora Duffy
    Flora Duffy

    Olympic Triathlon Gold Medalist,
    World Triathlon Champion,
    Xterra World Champion

    Maghalie Rochette
    Maghalie Rochette

    Three-times Canadian Cyclocross Champion, Three-times Pan American Cyclocross Champion, Cyclocross World Cup winner

    Vincent Luis
    Vincent Luis

    Olympic Trialthlete,
    ITU World Champion

    Payson McElveen
    Payson McElveen

    First human-powered bike excursion across
    Iceland in under 24 hours

    L39ION of LA
    L39ION of LA

    UCI Continental Men’s and
    Women’s Cycling Team

    Advisory Board Members

    The following athletes sit on our Advisory Board and give direct input into the development of the product.

    Chris Froome
    Chris Froome

    4x Tour de France Winner

    Justin Williams
    Justin Williams

    Rider-manager for L39ION of Los Angeles

    Founder Story

    Hammerhead was founded in 2013 by Piet Morgan (CEO) and Laurence Wattrus (Head of Technology). During a 3,000-mile ride across the United States, Piet realized that the cycling computer market was falling short of the needs of cyclists. Piet teamed up with life-long cyclist, engineer, and childhood friend, Laurence, to bring to life his vision for the future of cycling. The core needs of the cyclist have guided, and will always guide, the priorities of Hammerhead.

    Media Moments

    We build technology to inspire and empower all people to unlock their athletic potential through cycling.

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