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Karoo Software Build Version:

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Introductions and Enhancements:

  • The distance to turns in turn-by-turn instructions is now updated more frequently to show tenths of a mile/ kilometre to the turn when within 10mi/10km, and to show distances in feet or meters when finally approaching the turn.
  • Period-based average data fields are now showing average values while the initial window period is filling. Previously no value was shown until the first period had passed. Once the initial window period has passed, the value shown is a rolling item based on the continuing period size.
  • Karoo now prompts the user if the user selects a route from the routes app that has not been made available offline or that does not have turn-by-turn directions available. (Selecting a map previously would result in “Waiting for instruction…” being shown indefinitely to the user on the map view). Now the user can choose to continue after seeing an error prompt. If turn-by-turn directions are not available, only the map will be shown (without turn-by-turn instructions) and the “Waiting for instruction…” message is not shown. The entire screen is used for the map, which the user can use to navigate.

Bug Fixes:

  • An issue has been fixed where auto-calibration of the elevation could fail after elevation data was entered manually.
  • Additional refinements were made to the turn-by-turn initialization sequence to remove repeating “Waiting for GPS…” and similar messages that could be displayed when starting a route that ends at the same location as the start. This was the case even when a GPS signal was present. New messages like “Preparing route for ride” and “Continue ride” have replaced “Waiting for GPS…”


Bug Fixes in Progress: 

  • The “Waiting for GPS…” message and similar ones can still show on the red message bar before the first turn-by-turn message is received for some users. This message is not synced with the actual presence or absence of a GPS signal. 

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