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Karoo Software Build Version:

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Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Changes to auto and manual pause - A rider can now manually pause a ride even if Karoo has already auto-paused. Once manually paused, a manual resume is needed to continue the ride.
  • Ability to stop/start cues during a ride - A rider can choose to stop turn cues and then re-enable them. If users are familiar with a portion of a route, this allows the riders to fine-tune their navigation experience.
  • Revamp Pause/Resume Indication - The gray ‘pause’ symbol is no longer displayed on screens when paused. The pause indication continues to be shown in the status bar at the top of the screen and a brief resume graphic is shown on each screen as a ride is resumed.
  • Prompt User to Start Ride on Travel Detected - Following the last release where Karoo enabled a rider to enter the ride app without starting a ride, this update now prompts the user to start a ride if motion is detected and an activity has not been started. One can ignore this prompt if desired and later start the activity with a button press.


Bug Fixes:

  • Auto-pause availability during the ride - You can again toggle auto-pause on or off and have it take effect mid-ride.
  • GPS errors - We addressed an error causing a "NO GPS" message at the start of a ride.
  • Karoo Fails to Acquire GPS at Ride Start - Changes were made to address issues with GPS connectivity problems reported at ride/activity start.
  • Menu slider doesn't disappear after auto-resuming the ride - Engineers fixed an issue where the slide-up menu wasn’t being removed when a rider resumed riding (auto-resume) after an auto-pause.
  • During a ride, resume menu slider disappears when ride app is shutdown - With this update, if a rider shuts down the ride application while the sliding menu is active, the menu will continue to be active when the ride app is entered again. Previously the menu was “lost” in this sequence.
  • Side buttons are not toggling off in ride app - The on-screen button graphics can again be removed using a settings menu option. With the changes to the ride application, the display preference for button graphics is enacted when an activity is started (rather than when the ride app is started).


Features and Bug Fixes Still in Progress:

  • Power meter calibration and other ANT+ features - The ANT+ stack rework continues and is expected to be released next sprint.  While the initial release will not change the exposed features, it lays the groundwork for rapid filling out of our ANT+ integration.  Some exciting features to come, include battery sensor status and power meter calibration.
  • Cosmetic changes - Additional focus is being applied to the appearance of the Karoo screens and data fields.
  • Battery usage optimization - Effort is beginning to bring additional battery savings to Karoo.  However, this will take some number of releases to fully complete.

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