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Basking in the late-autumn sun while riding through the best areas the Franciacorta wine region has to offer, heads turned as the all-women groups cycled past, throwing dust on the loose, arid terrain.

More than just a three-day gravel camp held for all ability levels, the United We Are event offered 32 women a whimsical weekend filled with cycling, yoga sessions, and wine tasting. In alignment with the No Gods No Masters brand mantra, this event sought to bring together women who ride and empower each other through cycling.

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NGNM’s founder, Milly De Mori, is a long-time cyclist whose vision for a “borderless nation united by the love for cycling” came to fruition in 2018 with the launch of the first NGNM summer collection. “I was always interested in building something more than just a high-end apparel brand. I recognized that as women in this sport (myself included), we need the gear just as much as an empowering community to thrive and grow.”

From first-timers to seasoned vets, everyone had the opportunity to choose between short, medium, and long rides each day. Moreover, it was clear that the love for cycling is indeed able to cross borders - as the participants flocked from the UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, US, and France - and that age is just a number, as the 32 riders ranged from 25-60 years old

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Hammerhead proudly supported No Gods No Masters® in this epic event, where gender equality and inclusivity are part of a larger story that sees women gaining more ground and accepting bigger challenges in this beautiful sport called cycling.

We explore routes long and meandering. We climb to the peaks and descend through the canyons. And as we move forward, we actualize the potential of the future. It is our calling; to chart the path that lies ahead and move intentionally into the unknown. There is no purpose more noble.