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Audio Alerts — New to Your Karoo

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Audio Alerts — New to Your Karoo

Karoo’s latest software update brings Bluetooth audio alerts for the Varia Radar and audible navigation cues.




With the recent release of Varia Radar support, an infrequently-requested feature suddenly gained a lot more interest from Karoo users: Bluetooth audio support. We’ve heard (pun intended) your requests, and we’re excited to share that we’ve rolled out audio support for Bluetooth devices to all Karoos.

We had previously included Bluetooth headset support in Karoo’s settings, but without audio available natively on the Karoo. This was a nod to our community of sideloaders, since an earlier release had inadvertently removed a workaround they were using to pair their audio devices. Now audio is available to everyone.

You’ll get navigation cues for upcoming turns, as well as a variety of Varia Radar alerts. And while carrying a speaker or headphones might not be ideal for everybody’s type of cycling, this really is a feature unique to the Karoo. It’s worth checking out just for the fun of seeing what your Karoo is capable of!

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How to connect your Bluetooth audio device and adjust its volume


  • On the main screen, tap on the “Settings app
  • Tap on “Bluetooth Audio” under Settings
  • Toggle the button to “ON” to search for nearby Bluetooth Audio Devices
  • Tap on the name of the device you want to pair.
  • Once the device is paired successfully, you should see “Connected
  • Tap on the “Three Dots” to open a Dropdown
  • Click on “Volume Settings
  • You can change the volume level of the Bluetooth Audio output for the connected device here.

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What’s new in Karoo Release 1.105.716.3

Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Bluetooth audio alerts are now available when the screen is on and a Bluetooth audio device is paired. Audio events include the following:
  • Radar — Vehicle approaching; Vehicle approaching fast; Vehicle passed; Battery low warning; Disconnected
  • Navigation — Tone and voice cue at about 500 ft to turn; Announcement of destination reached
  • This release also brings further improvements to navigation rerouting, with additional considerations for intersections

Bug Fixes:

  • Improvements made to Lap Speed Average field:
  • The average now resets properly on each lap
  • The field no longer falls back to “. . .” notation on pause during a lap


Full release notes

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