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Hammerhead’s Black Friday Sale is Now Live!

Posted by Audrey Hahn on

Hammerhead’s Black Friday Sale is Now Live!

With a massive discount and an extended return period, we’re bringing a stunning deal to the table this Black Friday & Cyber Monday.


It’s our first-ever Black Friday sale, so we’ve reduced the Karoo to a simply unbelievable price… and it’s such a great deal that it’s even been turning heads in the Hammerhead offices!

  • $150 off the Karoo ($249, reduced from $399)
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee (three months!)

The sale runs from now until the end of Cyber Monday (December 2). Don’t miss out on the best head unit deal available this year.




Karoo is now $150 off until the end of Cyber Monday

That’s $249, marked down from $399! We think it’s the best head unit deal of 2019, let alone the Black Friday sales period.

After a huge year of software development, we are so excited to get the Karoo out there with new users for the 2020 season.

Plus, try risk-free for 90 days

For the duration of this sale, we’ve also doubled our satisfaction guarantee period to 90 days. Yes, you can ride with the Karoo for three months. Don’t love it? Return it risk-free for a full refund, no questions asked.

If you’re thinking of gifting Karoo to a loved one, they’ll have plenty of time to test it out.

And Early Adopters get their own deal

We want to show our appreciation for those who have supported Karoo since the beginning. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

We’re emailing everybody who bought a Karoo in 2017 and 2018 to offer you an extra perk for the Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale.

It’s just our way of saying thank you for everything you’ve done to make Karoo the device it is today.



The Best Black Friday Deal?

It’s Hammerhead’s first-ever Black Friday sale, and we wanted to make it a good one. First and foremost, that meant delivering the greatest bike computer deal of the season. If it’s possible to win Black Friday with the best deal, then that’s what we aimed to do.

And we think we’ve done that. The Karoo was already priced extremely competitively compared to its main rivals at the cutting-edge of the bike computer market, which is largely due to the fact that selling directly to consumers allows us to offer the most powerful hardware at a great price. Now, at the Black Friday sale price of $249, you get the most capable bike computer available for the cost of a budget device.

Our risk-free trial has been hugely popular so far. We give you 45 days to ride with Karoo, and if you’re not fully satisfied, you can return it for free with no questions asked. We knew people would be buying the Karoo for Christmas though, and that a lot of this trial period might get wasted, so we doubled the trial to 90 days (three months!) of riding. Even if the Karoo sits under a tree for a month, you’ll still have ample time to put it through its paces.

We’ve made great strides in 2019. We’ve added great new features like Varia support and electronic shifting, while dramatically improving stability and battery life. The Karoo is a reliable head unit packed with great features, sporting modern software, and built on cutting-edge hardware that’s head-and-shoulders above its rivals. Feedback from the Karoo user community is overwhelmingly positive, and their enthusiasm is so contagious that we decided to offer an unbelievably good deal in order to bring the great Karoo experience to more people.


Can You Really Sell Karoos This Cheap?

We love to see people improving their rides with Karoo and we try our best to make it as affordable as possible: we often have a discount offer available, plus our industry-best risk-free trial, plus our generous crash replacement policy.

We really pushed the envelope on this offer though — it’s the best deal we’ve ever done on the Karoo, and you probably won’t see another discount like this for a while!

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